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Unit of · of solvent carpentry coating differentiates
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Product of coating of carpentry of dissolve the form of a drug is mandatory attestation unit differentiates Unit of name of serial number product differentiates principle attestation unit differentiates coating of dissolvent of 1 of amount of attestation standard sample carpentry is same and same treatment place, main the varnish of the content that become film and paint are an attestation unit each. 1, nitro- kind varnish 2, nitro- kind paint 3, alcoholic acid kind varnish 4, alcoholic acid kind paint 5, polyurethane kind varnish 6, polyurethane kind the make choice of of amount of sampling breed of unit of paint GB 18581-2001 1, same attestation: The first time attestation sees this regulation 4.2.5 clauses; Supervisory examination sees this regulation clauses; 2, after sampling breed is affirmatory, sample amount sees this regulation 4.2.6.