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12 pilot enterprises avoid Pudong permissibly do CCC attestation
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Shanghai Pudong new developed area is integrated reform of form a complete set is pilot buy favourable policy again. Yesterday, the whole nation first avoiding do CCC attestation enterprise to be in Pudong new developed area is pilot roll out, decide 12 enterprises do CCC attestation to first avoiding sincere letter enterprise.

Before this, include " mandatory product certification catalog " entrance product must be obtained mandatory CCC attestation is rear can import, use " be related a batch " means, every batches of goods need 1 ~ at least 2 workaday ability are finished examine and approve. Pilot enterprise is enjoyed " examine and approve, one year effective, for many times discharged " mode, and turn examination effectiveness to be superintended to depend on sequel.

Current, shanghai port applies for this kind to be occupied about enter a country examine 1/4 of gross, and show ascendant trend of year after year. After pilot job is begun, can alleviate on certain level the pressure of resource of quarantine department administration, contented enterprise spreads the demand of speed to content. If can be in Shanghai whole town to carry out, can decrease about 1/3 to the relevant inspected number of the half