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Unit of commutator of CCC attestation electron differentiates
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Product unit differentiates detailed rules (electronic commutator) CQC/GD.CP02(E22)-2002

File company name:

Product name:


Norms model

Install means

Illuminant sort

Take lamp measure

Circuit principle pursues

Component layout pursues

Ground connection device

Heat protects a form

Acoustic frequency impedance

Pattern is fitted inside □

□ double end is in charge of form fluorescent lamp

□ simple tube

□ is identical

□ is identical

□ does not have ground connection device

□ does not have hot protection

□ does not have Z symbol

□ independent type

□ Chan Duan is in charge of form fluorescent lamp

□ double lamp

□ has ground connection unit

□ decides lukewarm protection

□ has Z sign

□ rectifies form of characters or letters

□ much light

Fill in specification: 1. Delimit inside □ " × " the delegate chooses this project, every choose a kind only;

2. asks a basis appendix 3 affirmatory advocate check norms, add * date to express before norms model next.