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CCC attestation application and accept
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Mix to perfect the standard is mandatory product certification works, cogent maintain country, society and public interest, the regulation of the legal laws and regulations that according to the country family property tastes certificate of quality of safe quality license, product and the State Council gift national quality is supervised examine the function that quarantine total bureau and national attestation approve supervisory management committee. To involving human health and security, move plant life and health, and environmental protection and communal and safe product are executed mandatory certification system. According to accredit of the State Council, national attestation approbates supervisory management committee to be in charge of countrywide attestation to approve the work.
The country is right mandatory product certification is announced unified " People's Republic of China is carried out mandatory the catalogue item of product certification " (the following abbreviation " catalog " ) , decide regulation of unified and applicable state level, technology is mixed executive program, make and issue unified mark, set unified rate.
Every includes " catalog " product, the qualification of attestation orgnaization attestation that must appoint via the country, obtain the attestation letter that appoints attestation orgnaization to issue, add after applying attestation to indicate, just can leave factory sale, entrance and use in management sex activity.

Mandatory does the applicant of product certification need what to requirement have?
" mandatory product certification management sets " thirteenth regulation: " catalog " in the generator of the product, person that sell and importer can serve as an applicant, to appoint attestation orgnaization to put forward " catalog " in product certification application.
The applicant also can entrust a country to identify inspect appoint those who register is mandatory orgnaization of application of product certification representative applies for for you.

Does the enterprise apply for attestation to need what to data prepare?
Should offer the following document commonly:
The proof file of 1. applicant
Graph of 2. general assembly, electric principle graph, circuitry pursues
3. is crucial yuan of parts of an apparatus and / or detailed list of main raw material
4. other applicant needs demonstrative document
When the person that 5. applicant is a sale, importer, ought to mix to the person that appoint attestation orgnaization to refer a sale at the same time generator or the relevant contract carbon that importer and generator conclude
6. applicant entrusts other to apply for " catalog " in of product certification, ought to with suffer client to conclude attestation, detect, check and dog the contract of the item such as the examination, get client ought to at the same time to the carbon that appoints attestation orgnaization to refer a power of attorney, carbon that entrusts a contract and other and relevant contract;
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