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The mode that CE attestation indicates
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Current, the mode that the use CE attestation that the European Union approbates indicates has 8 kinds as follows:
(one) factory ego control and attestation.
Module A (in-house production controls) :
1. Use Yu Jian sheet, of large quantities of quantities, without harm product, only the manufacturer that standard of applicable application Europe produces.
2. Factory ego undertakes eligible evaluation, ego statement.
3. Technical file refers national orgnaization to save 10 years, on this foundation, usable evaluation and examination will decide whether the product accords with an instruction, generator should offer the design of the product, production and form even
Outfit process offers an examination.
4. Do not need to state its produce a process to be able to make sure the product accords with a requirement from beginning to end.

Module Ab:
1. Manufacturer did not press European standard production.
2. Test orgnaization makes random test to the special component of the product. (2) by the test the orgnaization is undertaken evaluating.

Module B (EC type evaluates) :
The factory sends sample and technical file to the test orgnaization that it chooses to feed evaluation, check an orgnaization to issue letter.
Note: Only B is insufficient at forming the use of CE attestation.
Module C (with type [sample] consistent) B:

The factory makes consistency state (agree with the type that carries attestation) , statement saves 10 years.
Module D (manufacturing process quality controls) B:

This mode attention produces process and end item control, the method that the factory approves according to test orgnaization (quality system, EN29003) have production, state on this foundation its product and attestation
Pattern is consistent (consistency states) .

Module E (product quality controls) B:
This mode pays close attention to end item to control only (EN29003) , the others is the same as Module D.

Module F (the product checks) B:
After the factory makes sure its produce a process to be able to ensure the product satisfies a requirement, make consistency statement. Admissive test orgnaization passes all inspection or spot check comes test and verify the accordance of its product.
Test orgnaization issues letter.

Module G (one by one checks) :
Factory statement accords with instruction requirement, refer product technology parameter to test orgnaization, after orgnaization one by one inspects a product, the test issues letter.

Module H (overall quality controls) :
Process of this mode attention design, production and end item are controlled (EN29001) . The others is the same as Module D Module E. Among them, mode F B,
Mode G applies to danger to spend particularly expensive product.

CE attestation mark proves the meaning of quality qualification
The " of " main demand that forms European instruction core, be in Europe in all body May 7, 1985 (85/C136/01)
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