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Apply for CE attestation note
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One, when the product of the applicant that every has legal person place should export European Union nation, design phase is developed in the product, be about to make its accord with the instruction requirement of CE attestation, reach involves harmonious level. Refer in the applicant requisition and before sending sample, should affirm its product accords with concerned new method instruction and harmonious standard requirement.

2, the applicant can reach a website from CQC public document, bulletin (Www.cqc.com.cn) in, the European Union that affirms the CE attestation product that drafts application must be accorded with dictates.

3, the applicant can be in center of Chinese certificate of quality website (Www.cqc.com.cn) register offer application, also can offer written application, but the ounce in needing to use is planted the character fills in, press formulary pay charge.

4, when applicant and manufacturer are abhorrent, need the agreement that offers bilateral cooperation.

Applicant: To attestation orgnaization application acquires the unit of a legal person of certificate of product CE attestation. The applicant is the holder of certificate of product CE attestation. Assume the responsibility of responsibility quality respect likewise.

Manufacturer: One undertakes or control product is made, the phase such as assess, processing and memory, make its can accord with concerned requirement continuously to be in charge of to the product, be located in the organization of a fixed place in what these respects assume responsibility.

5, when the applicant entrusts acting orgnaization to apply for for you, the representative that must offer applicant stamp applies for CE attestation to entrust accredit book.

6, some one or more sample of electrical engineering product already according to the European Union a certain harmonious standard had a test, and proved this sample accords with this standard. CE test certificate is in only the ability when reporting with concerned test is effective. Test report should include to have the result of the test by relevant specification.

7, the product evaluates an activity to plan, it is a timeline that CE checks. Want both sides to abide by this timeline only, can make sure the applicant gets CE checks certificate on schedule basically.

8, the manufacturer that CE attestation applies for or the its affirmatory accredit in the European Union act as agent, answer to weave by the regulation technical file saves 10 years at least, when be being oppugned in order to have the product gets in European Union market, offer conveniently.

9, the enterprise of CE attestation, still must write an EC qualification to state, the new method instruction that states the product accords with an European Union asks and coordinate standard requirement. And be saved together with technical file.

10, the use that CE indicates:
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