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American FDA enterprise registers system interlocution
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One, ask: What are the content that the United States implements new regulation and purpose?

American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) suggesting formulate sets, the requirement is engaged in production, treatment in American home and foreign country, pack or have the food orgnaization that consumes for American crowd or animal, establishment to must be in forward on December 12, 2003 FDA is registered.

This regulation is to carry out " communal 2002 sanitation is ensured and return live thing terroristic law " (abbreviation " return live thing terroristic law " ) , home of this law requirement and foreign orgnaization, establishment on December 12, 2003 forward FDA is registered, although final regulation has not come on stage, also need comply with to carry out.

Registering is one of a few kinds of takes steps, produce at be engaged in through offerring all closing to FDA namely, treatment, pack, or the information that possesses the food orgnaization that is used at be in the United States to consume, establishment, those who make FDA can act to answer what happen possibly or happen actually quickly is terroristic the assault that go up is supplied in food, once produce the disease that causes because of food, this kind of information determines help FDA and other authorities the origin of incident and cause. In addition, the influence that this kind of information that register still can make FDA informs each food orgnaization, establishment of the likelihood to the incident that get happens as soon as possible.

2, ask: What is the legal basis of new regulation?

This regulation is to carry out " return live thing terroristic law " the 305th requirement that registers about food orgnaization, establishment. With to carry out " return live thing terroristic law " the 307th (the entrance is declared beforehand) , the 306th (record) mix the 303rd (administration is detained) set a each, food orgnaization, establishment is registered will make FDA can be supplied to answering American food quickly cause what happen possibly or real live thing is terroristic assault, the emergencies of other perhaps concerned provision.

3, ask: What correlation do new regulation and international organization have?

Mix in formulate when implementing this provision, FDA will fulfil the obligation of its international trade adequately, the WTO that includes to concern (WTO) agreement and agreement of North America free trade (NAFTA) . For example: FDA thinks the regulation in this draw up does not take overmuch commerce restricted, is only to carry out " biology horror law " place is indispensible. FDA already made effort simplify as far as possible the process that formulate should set, in order to be helpful for domestic and international machine orgnaization, establishment.

4, ask: What is the point of new regulation?

This regulation has the following point:
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