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FDA enterprise registers involved product range
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One, food

1. Bake bake kind of food and bake the compound that bake, include all feed product and the compound that can bake need to machine before baked product, flour and edible instantly namely.

2. Beverage, spirituosity kind drink, include wine of malt beverage, bishop, distill and cocktail.

3. Beverage reachs beverage radical makings, nonalcoholic drink, include only tailor-made or the glue shape drink of substitute of the tea that contains flavor, soft drinks, coffee, fruit or vegetable gust.

4. Breakfast cereal. Include to be fed namely kind, fast dissolve kind and groovy heat eats cereal food.

5. Cheese. Include type of curd cheese and serum cheese, rare butter natural model, of molar type, of treatment, but of daub, become pattern, and sundry cheese.

6. Sundry chewing gum.

7. Coffee and tea. Include common, go of coffeine and the form of fast dissolve.

8. Dressing. Include common flavor juice and daub sauce, olive oil, souse is tasted, dressing, but do not include sweet laborious makings and herb.

9. Candy and candy frost. Include candy, add panocha of sweet candy frost, cotton, bake candy of the cocoa that bake and brown sugar, cube sugar, rock candy, maple, powder or raw sugar.

10. With the product with dairy produce similar photograph. Include to be not breast grandma, refrigerant or the liquid is rare butter, coffee spouse, with etc blame breast makes a product.

11. Egg kind product. Include the liquid shape, refrigerant or dry product that make an egg, and the egg makes provision, be like meal of salad of egg of egg roll, lotus, egg, refrigerant egg, but do not include new egg.

12. Adipose reach oil kind. Include condiment of margarine, salad, butter, salad oil, have ghee and cooking oil.

13. Fish product. The sauce of the cooked food with include all preparation good, salad, appetizer, refrigerant food, fish, shellfish, aquatic product animal with etc, but do not include fresh fish.

14. New egg. Include ripe egg and the cooked food that make by the new egg that takes case.

15. Fresh fish. Include to be mixed freshly refrigerant fish, shellfish, with the aquatic product animal of etc.

16. Fresh fruit and fruit juice. Include unboiled water fruit, orange, melon kind, citric, bacca, and self-restrained fruit juice water and the fruit juice that contain pulp mix drink.

17. Fresh pork kind. Include fresh and flesh of the beef with refrigerant family, vituline, pork, kid or hotpot and those who abstain is fresh contain the flesh kind dish, salad, appetizing article, sandwich daub sauce.

18. Little birds flesh. Include fresh or the dish of the birds flesh with refrigerant family, wild bird, self-restrained flesh that contain birds, salad, appetizing article, sandwich sauce.

19. Fresh vegetable, tomato, potato, include only fresh reach self-restrained vegetable.

20. Refrigerant butyric desert and compound. Include ice-cream, ice milk, ice-lolly and other and refrigerant butter, dessert and tailor-made article.
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