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FDA brief introduction
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Food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (Food And Drug Administration, FDA) be subordinate to belongs to health care of American the State Council and service ministry (U. S. The public health of Department Of Health And Human Services) serves arrange (Public Health Service) , responsible United States is all concerned food, medicines and chemical reagents, cosmetic reachs the management of radiation sex instrument, it also is the United States' earliest consumer protection orgnaization, near 9, 000 employee, manage a production that restricts market of 1 million dollar every year, entrance, carry and deposit, administer animal, food and drug manufacturer exceed 120 thousand, among them with food manufacturer most, about 50 thousand. It is manufacturer of medical apparatus and instruments has more than 32000 next, person of every duty to pay taxes of influence United States restrains 3 dollars, can say as safe as social popular welfare and life be closely bound up. Net of Yh5 China advisory division
There is 1 about in FDA, 100 censor, should go to every year global 15, 000 factories, all sorts of activities that go affirming them whether the law of Fu Taimei country sets; At the same time they also must collect 80, the product sample that churchyard of 000 United States is made or imports and inflict examines. Net of Yh5 China advisory division

Equipment and center of radiation health care (Center For Device And Radiological Health) is the as closest as industry of medical apparatus and instruments branch under FDA, have 1 about, 100 people are controlled, set standard and code place, sanitarian medicine place, general affairs place, information system place, health care and industrial plan part, check point, appliance checks 9 branches such as place, division of science and technology and code government office, among them the most important is code government office (Office Of Compliance) , appliance management is in (Office Of Device Evaluation) and health care and industrial plan part (Office Of Health&Industry Program) . The group of small-sized manufacturer service below health care and industrial plan part (Division Of Small Manufacturers Assistance, DSMA) it is the branch that is in charge of technically serving small-sized manufacturer, also be CDRH is in charge of at the same time external Liaison Division door and harmonious branch, federal of etc of the small-sized manufacturer that helps medical apparatus and instruments and radiation sex product and CDRH, FDA and contact of each state department: Also help a manufacturer learn its to apply for appliance to appear on the market at the same time the plan of the process, the relevant activity that shows CDRH to small-sized manufacturer and relevant group, plan, policy and decision-making. Net of Yh5 China advisory division

When managing medical apparatus and instruments, FDA also constant with professional sanitation and safe arrange (custom of Occupational Health And Safety Administration) , United States (U. S. Customs Service) and committee of nuclear energy management (the other department such as Nuclear Regulatory Commission) coordinates collaboration, and the job as a result of FDA and be closely bound up of people life health, so extremely get the attention of United States Congress. Be in ginseng is numerous in two courtyards, a lot of committee often coach the job of FDA, examine the budget of FDA. Because this FDA is right of congress branch communicate, legislation is driven wait for the job to take seriously quite, the related to FDA powers and authorities of office orgnaization in congress includes commission of safety of product of Ministry of Agriculture of senatorial, United States, consumer, environmental protection arrange is waited a moment. Net of Yh5 China advisory division
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