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Analysis of market of sand spy car and development sand is special the proposal
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It is the car market with thalassic the biggest area especially dene, sales volume predicted to will achieve 400 thousand 2006, each old car manufacturer values the world generally this one market, chinese car company is not exceptional also. According to not complete count, in Chinese car company, place of group of automobile of the Great Wall, strange luck, east wind belongs to 3 Motor Corporation, Jin Long caravan of dragon of passenger car, gold, north runs quickly, cropland of blessing of steam of golden cup, north, China weighs steam group, eaves to connect, Chang Lin is heavy-duty, still company of a few cars is being contacted actively, preparation marchs sand spy market. According to not complete count, chinese car was 6000 about in sanded sale gross 2006, among them sand of many 3000 by is sold especially toward Iraq; The business with better sale status has passenger car of dragon of the Great Wall, strange luck, gold and blessing cropland to wait.

In company of 17 China car, majority accords with standard of sand spy SASO, but obtain what the sea adds up to meeting GSO attestation to have 6 only.

In sand spy market, chinese car is new still army, face intense market, chinese car company must give greater effort. Pass investigation and study, we are right the analysis that the problem that situation of market of sand spy car and Chinese car faced 2006 had development, offer reference.

One, Characteristic of market of sand spy car

1, market structure

Market position



Market share
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