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Russia will cancel Chinese car to export qualitative check to simplify to Russia
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Supervisory bureau of Russian Federation technology and car and car engine institute were made jointly " extend about adjusting certification of mass of vehicle the plan of the program " . New plan will in July 2008 become effective. Adjust what will cancel Chinese car to pledge check card extends this to simplify program qualification.

Russian federal technology supervises bureau deputy director general to thank Er lid. Pujiaqiaofu expresses, car and car engine institute drafted the new regulation that mass of vehicle examines. To applying for mass of vehicle first since July 1, 2008 the enterprise of test and verify will press new regulation to carry out, the new regulation of quality test and verify that produces a car in the light of batch will begin go into effect at will rising on July 1, 2010. New regulation cancelled pair of blame " Geneva agreement " (signed 1958) card of qualitative check of car of production of member state institute extends execute simplify the qualification of formalities, include China inside among them.

Current, chinese passenger car and carring capacity car are with small lot (in 150 the following) the form exports Russia, russia just extends in quality inspection certificate on the privilege that offerred formalities to simplify. According to new regulation, at the appointed time Chinese car detects need through overall quality program. The asks to examine by lowest privilege that executes in the light of the passenger car in new regulation and the privilege that examine to small lot car all are cancelled. In the meantime, new regulation is mixed to same brand, same batch the certificate of small lot mass of vehicle of same norms will be adopted one-time extending form, but regulation of new quality test and verify is not applied to secondhand car.

Xie Er is built. Pujiaqiaofu expresses, the system of quality test and verify that implements at present was made 1998, when already was being passed. Additional, promulgated on March 1, 2007 carry out " federal technology supervises inspection " undertake editing afresh layinged a foundation for system of quality test and verify.