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The United States is promulgated new " tire tests a level " will carry out at ri
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From Chinese Society of Rubber Industry understanding arrives, the United States will carry out new tire to test a level since June 1, 2007. At the appointed time, the tire of standard of short of new test will cannot enter American market; The does not accord with new standard tire that already entered American market will be faced with recall to ask. This adumbrative our country exports the tire of American market to will face new admittance threshold.

As we have learned, the United States is the export market with Chinese the biggest tire. 2004, china exports tire to grow with the speed of 38 % to the United States, and Japan of breakthrough of with one action comes for years male crouch a list of names posted up the situation of first, volume of car tire export is amounted to 2288. 50 thousand, occupy the 33 % that export tire gross. Among them, tire of motor-driven small passenger car exports the United States 1162. 90 thousand, occupy the 51 % that export American tire gross. Exit has been become play the main factor that changes growth of Chinese tire industry. Whether through the United States new FMVSS139 tire tests a level, immediate impact Chinese tire industry grows and export foreground.

Introduce according to Chinese Society of Rubber Industry, the new tire standard that the United States is about to implement, apply to all and rated total mass under or be equal to 4. 5 tons car tire. Its biggest characteristic is safe parameter more stricter than active standard. For instance, want pair of tire to undertake below low pressure condition high speed experiments, test rapidity by horary 121 kilometre, 129 kilometre, 137 kilometre increase 140 kilometre, 150 kilometre, 160 kilometre; Wear experiment course of development achieves 4080 kilometre, increased 1. 5 times; It is dangerous to still include tire to take off circle, ageing, permeability and road at the same time sexual experiment. Introduce according to the expert inside course of study, new test mark brigadier general is right export the United States by with embryo, part light card embryo is affected bigger, just face outcome in demand of high speed performance especially the inclined impact that hand in an embryo is bigger. If do not get used to new standard as soon as possible, chinese tire is asked existence the likelihood of recall.

Chairman of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry brings up Hong Zhen to remind say, the new standard that the United States is about to implement and tire recall system won't be right Chinese tire give the wrongdoer a way out, must go up in the thought and give on the action enough take seriously.

As we have learned, chinese Society of Rubber Industry has called together concerned enterprise, the influence of new standard of United States of special subject research to Chinese tire line of business, reach consensus: Must want to have own core technology, the stability of the high speed that improves domestic tire product quickly, fast performance and quality, balanced sex.
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