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Oil tastes compulsive attestation standard come on stage inside year
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The uses extensively derv motor on European car, the partial area that is in China got restrict however. In Chinese derv car when can on the problem of comprehensive lift a ban, branch and manufacturer are in all the time related the government mediate.

Last year in December, the country develops innovation appoint announce " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2007 this) " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) (the following abbreviation " new directory " ) . 2005 edition " ask for an opinion to stalk of grain " in still be in a car to encourage kind the car with advanced “ develops production ” with derv engine a content, be in however " new directory " in be deleted. Derv car becomes confused once more in Chinese future.

Car look forward to promotes development of domestic derv car actively

The report said recently: 2010, ao Di will introduce the most advanced derv application technology Chinese market.

Say according to personage of know the inside story, when chairman of board of directors of Ao Di management applied peaceful De Fanghua last year, ever guided with respect to derv trick-cycling art the branch talks things over related Chinese problem and government, and during the Aodinian in not long ago is met, shi Taide expresses to Chinese media, the plan that takes derv skill China does not have a change.

Derv engine is the key research and development of the masses, Daimule and the German automobile group such as BMW and promotion direction, accordingly whether open a breach for derv car, immediate impact is in prospective China to these automobile groups the development foreground of the market. 2002, nimble of 1.9 litres of derv is amounted to begin to sell; 2003, derv edition treasure comes 1.9 TDI appears on the market; 2004, a6 2.5 TDI of Ao Di of homebred derv edition ever also put in to the market. And last year in November, ao Di of one steam masses sold career ministry to start “ green Olympic Games to plan ” , carry out green efficient module strategy, the hope will include car of new-style TDI derv inside model of energy-saving environmental protection introduces China in succession.

Ao Di of one steam masses sells Lu of chief inspector of career ministry public relations to express when accepting a reporter to interview adroitly, derv engine technology should have matured, be in the car of 50% above of European is derv, on development derv technology, the government is not to give Ao Di support merely, want to provide support to whole industry however.

" new directory " unscramble again

Although great majority person thinks to announce by last year " new directory " had made clear: The government encourages derv engine no longer research and development and make, but the masses (China) the side is right " new directory " having different view however.

The masses (China) senior manager Xie Wen says public relations department: “ " new directory " advocate if encouraging development new energy resources,this demonstrated an attitude on one hand, and derv is to have the sources of energy already, derv engine technology also is mature technology. " new directory " eliminate derv technique to encouraging a category besides, but do not mean a government to be able to restrain its to develop. ”
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