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The Cheng when instruction of European Union RoHS/WEEE was amended 2008 is expre
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Be American trade department to be announced in this year January below RoHS and WEEE dictated 2008 amendatory beforehand the Cheng when appraise is expressed (textual ask referenced accessory) , thick substance word is definite date under. Notice this file is used as reference only please, not be the document that the government publishs.

European UnionRoHSInstruction2008Year beforehand watch of the Cheng when appraise:

In January 2008 ~ between June: RoHS dictates the influence is evaluated (Impact Assessment) report

Feburary 2008 ~ between March: Hold an European Union meeting of executive body of instruction of RoHS of each member state

On Feburary 13, 2008: Business of Zi of instruction of the 2nd RoHS (Consultation) ends

On April 10, 2008: Hold Coordination Committee of European Union technology (Technical Adaptation Committee; TAC) conference

On May 31, 2008: Oko-Institut publishs report of final edition material

July 2008 ~ between December: Put forward RoHS instruction to revise edition draft

On October 31, 2008: Oko-Institut publishs the exempt material report of final edition
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