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European Union each country prepares to implement EuP directive
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Delegate of European Union each country was attendedOn June 22At the advisory forum that Brussels holds, discussion bad news can of the product can matters concerned of requirement of environmental protection of effect level etc. Basis of European Union general about bad news can the framework of 2005/32/EC date that product environmental protection designs dictates (namely EuP dictates) protocol implements measure. The expert representing that comes from the member country, non governmental body, industry, association inside course of study, Organization for Standardization this to wait meets at seeking advice from forum to go up, offer an opinion with respect to executive measure.

Discussion content is centered at deciding Europe appoint can plan to conclude first product of specific provision. The topic for discussion includes to improve an environment to go quality of qualitative, product and stability, recycle, and grading bans market to go up can the product with small effect. According to EuP the job plans, the European Union will roll out first executive measure 2008, superintendency office reachs street illume, and of all kinds be in bide one's time condition is met bad news can electric equipment. Household illuminative carries out measure to will come on stage 2009, meet probably at the appointed time grading is banned can the incandescent lamp with small effect.

Country of European Union member asks to be inBefore August 11, 2007laws and regulations of state of EuP instruction translate into. Nevertheless, won't be opposite instantly later bad news can product production business and importer bring concussion, after the executive measure become effective that wants future, ability can make an impact to these manufacturing industry.

To coordinate executive measure of future, bad news can product production business will need to be opposite according to all sorts of environment parameter the whole lifecycle of the product undertakes assessment, establish ecological record, measure the feasibility that replaces design plan next, examination and product carry out the accordance of measure.

Europe appoint the product category detailed list that already can draft one portion general to get executive measure control. Outside dividing illumination luminaries, these products still include personal computer (desktop and portable) display screen with computer; Show like equipment (photocopier, electrograph, printer, scanner, muti_function equipment) ; Electronic consumable (television) ; Batteries charger and outside electric power supply equipment; Wash bowl dish machine and washing machine; Freezer and refrigerating equipment.
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