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European Union standard organizes CEN-EN13428
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The packing litter that European standard organizes asks basically item standard

At present European Union each country asks basically to packing of item carry out, be in wait-and-see attitude. Each standard that by European Union standard constituent CEN place establishs packing of alliance of use Yu Ou to dictate, add up to number is EN13427:26 standards such as 000~EN13432.

Among them:

EN 13427 is explanatory EN13428-13432 between these 5 standards the standard of associated sex (similar ISO14000)

EN 13428 decreases a quantity to prevent a standard for packing product

EN 13429 is but recycle packing standard

EN 13430 uses a level for packing material recycle

EN 13431 reclaims for packing the sources of energy standard

EN 13432 is packing organic reclaim standard.

In these standards with EN 13428 and the yield of the litter that pack the source reduces an amount direct and relevant.

EN 13428Standard brief introduction

This standard uses the manufacturer ego of similar ISO 9000 and standard of ISO 14000 series to assess kind, will prove what to use the system that pack to whether use least data, can reclaim with accord with noxiousness material content to set.

EN 13428:2The standard content of 000 includes to decrease a quantity in order to produce a source to come the two parts such as precaution and qualitative precaution. The weight that incites packing with producing a source to decrease a quantity to prevent and / or bulk is achieved the smallest change; The content that qualitative precaution incites noxiousness and harm sex material is achieved the smallest change.

Want judgement to whether accord with EN 13428 standard the essential important condition of the first part is, whether in 10 domains that list from standard place, differentiate give or above can be mattered to produce a source to decrease a quantity to work whether the crucial domain that reachs the limit (Critical Area) . If go further to this domain,i.e. is undertake decreasing packing the job, meet the performance level that cannot reach a domain to packing place requirement. The decathlon domain with this listed standard is:
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