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[African trade message] [Nigeria] Africa of exit of pottery and porcelain needs
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Newspaper dispatch (reporter Li Dan red Reporter Liang Baiqing Du Li) The reporter understood recently, fosan pottery and porcelain exported ~ in April in January the growth range of Nigeria glides somewhat compared to the same period, the reason basically depends on many enterprises having notting apply for the Buddhist nun a of the country new attestation.
Began on December 1 last year, nigeria is electric to the partial housing materials of the entrance, electron the product carry out mandatory eligible assess program (SONCAP) . January ~4 month, fosan examines quarantine bureau examines export increases 15.9 % compared to the same period to the product of pottery and porcelain of Nigeria, “ goes up this do not calculate tall, because be returned at present,do not have conduction SONCAP attestation namely greatly, and the business that conducted attestation, exit is compared the corresponding period grew a lot of last year. ” Fosan examines quarantine bureau introduces about chief. Fosan has had more than 30 pottery and porcelain to produced an enterprise to pass SONCAP attestation to detect at present.