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The European Union is technical trade barrier
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The European Union is technical trade barrier

Technical code

● uses the statement of azo dyes about limitation

Feburary 2004, the European Union announces byelaw of 2004/21/EC date, edit further the instruction of the regulation of 76/769/EC date about limitation or substance of the risk that ban carry out, made 3 detect textile and the test level that whether leather leather contains azo dyes. Member country concerns the basis test method, evaluate the textile that inputs from the other place and leather leather to whether contain azo dyes.

Germany is right the labor insurance glove that originates in China formerly in order to used this dye, prohibit selling, europe appoint can be opposite inside European Union limits accordingly this product issued consumer warning.

● electron dictates related electric equipment

On Feburary 13, 2003, the European Union was announced " about discarding as useless the electron is electric the 2002/96/EC date of equipment dictates " (WEEE dictates) and " the 2002/95/EC name that about be in electronic wiring limitation uses certain and harmful material dictates " (RoHS dictates) . WEEE instruction sets, toOn August 13, 2005Put an European Union on the product of the market later, the means that generator should assure with offerring, assure to concern discard as useless the electron is electric the collection of equipment, processing, reclaim to deal with with environmental protection charge is offerred by generator; To be inOn August 13, 2005The market puts in before (use at the use person beyond private family) the product discards as useless (” of “ history rubbish) the government after manages charge is assumed by market share by generator. RoHS instruction sets, fromOn July 1, 2006Since, each member country should ensure the limitation in putting in the electron at the market and electric equipment uses chromium of lead, mercuric, cadmium, 6 price, much bromine the harmful material such as 2 benzene aether and benzene of much bromiccer couplet.
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