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How does enterprise of our country petrifaction answer code of European Union RE
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One, technical camp ——REACHCode creates obstacle to petrifaction enterprise

“ although REACH code still is at present among approval process, but its carry out already became finality, cannot changeover. ” is occupied predict, this code will be in year end got approving 2005, year end was carried out formally 2006.

   1, cost of chemical imports and exports will raise respectively6%And5%

After “REACH code is carried out, the cost of product of thousands of kinds of chemical industry that enterprise of our country petrifaction exports every year to the European Union will raise 5% , some enterprises can exit European Union market even. ”

The European Union is area of a when our country chemical exports main money. According to custom statistic, our country exported petrochemical to the European Union 2004 17.28 million tons, amount is 14 billion dollar. Current, industry of our country petrifaction is about from personnel of course of study directly 5 million. Accordingly, exit suffocate suffocate, affect the economic benefits of petrifaction industry already, affected employee obtain employment again.

And, the petrochemical that our country exports to the European Union is more a large amount of, the low value, product that contains raw material character, manufacturing process pollution is relatively serious. Be like plastic, balata, organic or inorganic industrial chemicals, reach all sorts of intermediate body to wait, it is the indispensable raw material in production of European Union chemical industry. But, after REACH code is carried out, these products will are faced with register, evaluate, the problem such as the license, meantime must provide necessary data. And the product that our country enterprise produces often lacks relevant data. Although big company has department of special research and development, but great majority medium and small businesses does not have orgnaization of research and development. Accordingly, a bureau of one part small company is inevitable, and the test that big company also will face cost to increase.

The circumstance that petrochemical imports how? Our country imports petrochemical to be given priority to with high-grade product, in last few years year after year of unfavorable balance of trade increases, already amounted to 360 much dollars 2004. After REACH code is carried out, because European enterprise produces cost to increase, the price of chemical of our country entrance will rise 6% . Such, not only the benefit of chemical import business will suffer an effect, downstream enterprise also affects those who be raised by cost.
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