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MARKET TALK China rose 5.57% medical Dunlop newly CE certification card
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Hong Kong Time 1336-- Dunlop Medical (300,003) recently received eight CE certification of products, is conducive to overseas markets, stock market trends up 5.57%, to 28.24 yuan, far outperforming the broader market and their respective GEM plate . Now out of the recent stock trading platform into the trading range in mid-August on, or need short-term shocks in the current point to savings Xuzhang power. GEM that is now down 2.53%, Shanghai Composite fell 0.57%. The company announced today, and a wholly owned subsidiary Beijing harmonious world total of eight recent CE certification of products, of which four are re-certified products; Up to now, a total of 9 products CE certification, is applying for CE certification pending A total of four products. CE is a safety certification mark, where the sign affixed to the product can be sold in the EU member countries.