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Hangzhou Hi-tech interactive whiteboard by CE certification
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February 1, 2010, Hangzhou Hi-tech products interactive whiteboard (Interactivewhiteboard) get TUVAT (CE testing the world's most authoritative body) issued by the CE certification, certified products cover the full range of GOAKE Whiteboard, performance in line with EU standards: EN60065-2006LVD instructions: 2006/95/EC. In recent years, Hangzhou High-tech business to keep doubling of international trade, particularly in Cologne, Germany in 2009 after the branch into the EU market Strong market demand, has great potential. CE mark obtained access to the tech whiteboard smooth access to the EU and the European Union Free Trade Association countries, the market permits, for the European market development laid the foundation. CE is a French ConformitéEuropéenne (European Conformity Assessment) abbreviation. CE mark attached to their products that meet the standards of the European Directive and the European coordination of the basic requirements, namely, public safety, health, environmental protection and the Consumer protection. CE mark (CEMark) implemented by the EU of a product logo. It is the elimination of technical barriers to trade to establish a single market and promote market liquidity, one of the means of economic development of member countries. CE certification mandatory To the EU market of products, must be attached to CE safety certification and CE mark. CE marking is a safety certification mark, any mark affixed to products with CE can be sold in the EU in all member states, not required to meet Requirements of each member in ord er to achieve the goods within the EU member states the freedom of circulation.