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Jingyi Green Receives TUV CE certification
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November 18, 2010, solar industry leaders gathered at the Nanjing International Expo Center to witness a historic moment, testing and certification services to Chinese companies Rheinland certification officer Mr. Jan Hoehne solemnly handed over two copies of the certificate Jingyi green energy, which Two certificates are proof of power in Beijing Miriam Green 500kW Photovoltaic Inverter by the TUV and CE certification. Miriam Green in Beijing after the domestic market after six months of groundwork has been in full swing, following the May bid Chuxiong Chuxiong 4MW PV power plant project, Chuxiong Vocational Education Center 8.1MW BIPV projects and flowers green energy, Just last month, Beijing Miriam Green Project Finalist designated a national supplier of Golden Sun, and topped the list. The overseas market is almost all the major markets of domestic solar companies, Beijing Miriam Green Energy for the overseas market also made preparations to enter, and has received a lot of demand from overseas intention inverter. Therefore, Jingyi Green unremitting efforts, the major overseas markets got the access card. To win the 500kW PV inverter power TUV certification is not an easy task, it is understood, for the 500-volt inverter optical KW TUV certification, all Instrument green energy projects in Beijing devoted a lot of team members energy, from the pre-certification training to the document preparation and submission of the validation tests and then they have done a fine job. In order to design products that fully meet the new CE / TUV standards, R & D staff of over and over again in English standards and directives, is to not miss any small detail. Jan Hoehne told reporters in a lot of performance, the level of green energy products, but also higher than that of CE / TUV standards. For example, during high and low temperature experiments, green energy products of the highest operating temperature and the lowest operating temperature of strict than the standard 10 ℃, so very smooth jury passed the certification of green energy. Jingyi Liang troops responsible for green energy research and development, said, access to CE / TUV certified device proven in Beijing at the technical level of green energy to reach the international advanced level, with the "going out" status. Green can do a good job has been completely prepared to enter the major overseas markets, and substantial increase in green energy products production capacity to meet the needs of overseas markets. Note: CE mark is a safety certification mark, any labeled "CE" mark of the product can be sold in the EU member states, need not meet the requirements of each member in order to achieve the goods within the EU member states the freedom to circulation. Germany TüV TüV logo products for components of a safety certification mark custom in Germany and Europe, is widely accepted that both certification is often used as the European market "passport." Get these two certificates in Beijing marking the European market will be open green instrument.