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UL attestation files an order
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1.How is UL test service organized? Net of Aw5 China advisory division

The project of UL serves a ministry to be divided into many branches by different line of the products. Its staff member includes elder engineer and technical service personnel. Examine the structure of the product, have a test, evaluate an experiment to be mixed as a result establishing a standard is the one part that they work only. UL still included to undertake to plant site examining spot is represented. Spot delegate is the assurance that makes the product of the mark that take UL accords with UL standard. Net of Aw5 China advisory division

2.Who can deliver a product? Net of Aw5 China advisory division

The product is normally by product manufacturer or development business or the substance such as other authorized representative, representing hands over. When you deliver a product, the hypostatic name that you can choose to appear on the catalogue item that UL publishs (be like manufacturer, the substance that agent or other obtain a license) . Once decide, this name must appear on the product that standard of all and contented UL plans to use UL to label. Net of Aw5 China advisory division

3.When should delivering a product? Net of Aw5 China advisory division

Had better be the product is delivered in the process that develops in the product, and had jumped over earlier. Normally, UL engineer can carry pair of products beforehand check will help you the decision must be revised or the place of do poorly done work over again. Although beforehand the complete test that check can not replace a product, also cannot obtain the use authorization of UL mark, but it can think you are managing charge. Beforehand check can be in any UL lab, branch or the crude place of production in you undertake UL, and need expenditure to arrive between two climate only. (this basically be aimed at the company that there is a branch in abroad, do not have real significance to other enterprise) net of Aw5 China advisory division

4.How to deliver a product? Net of Aw5 China advisory division

Can seek advice to be helped in order to obtain to the client adviser of UL. This to the first time the enterprise that applies for UL is weighed particularly should, because client adviser is the bridge of UL of a join and client. The responsibility of client adviser includes: Net of Aw5 China advisory division

·The net of advisory division of problem Aw5 China that answers concerned UL

·Guide a client to go to China of correct engineering department Aw5 advisory division net

·The China of concerned problem Aw5 that solves a client with the management department collaboration of UL is advisory division net

The key that delivers a product to UL for the first time is the convenience according to you, write the director of the client adviser at lab of UL United States or other area branch. This case needs to include the following information to understand your test range and requirement in order to help UL: Net of Aw5 China advisory division
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