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UL attestation note reachs skill
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● makes UL engineer understands what you want the product category of the test, net of advisory division of the function of the product, utility and China of working environment RVc

A) place wants the product of the test, this comparatives it seems that simple, but because the language is illogical, in relapse interpret flower or the result that expect making a person often can bring about be less than after flower interpret is medium. Cite a simple case, zhejiang has a factory to want to apply for " of " wiring harness (contain electrical wiring to reach all sorts of terminal, the assembly of tab body) UL attestation, zhejiang area is used to call " of " wiring harness " connector " . If you turn over Chinese-English dictionary, you can discover the English of " connector " is "Connector" . Then this factory applied for the attestation of "Connector" , spent not little time and energy, the result cans be imagined of course, the " of " wiring terminal that allows this factory production only (include a metal tab and outside plastic) contain UL to label, wiring harness of and rather than. But actually, is this factory all? " of Quot; wiring terminal (Connector) it is outside those who buy. Accordingly, should ensure when applying for attestation the validity of product name, unless you have 100 percent assurance, UL is online the English name that recommends you to acknowledge a product in Chinese agency to UL beforehand, this is one of responsibility of agency. Net of RVc China advisory division

B) is same kind of product, if potential use is different, the method that its check will be very different. Be the same as the lamp of a string of Christmas of appearance for example (Decorative Lighting Stings) , use at indoor and outdoor having very big distinction, a bit simpler, indoor used light is strung together need not rain test, and be being strung together to lamp of room external use is must. Be like again, if the lamp holder of your production is used at the voltage of 110V only, you need not let it check by the requirement of 220V. This specification was not necessary to enlarge the scope of application of your product, unless you plan,use your product at this new requirement. Contrary, also cannot narrow suitable scope. If you are produced plastic the environment that is used at 105 degrees, for cost saving, you applied for to be used at 90 degrees environment only, although your product also passed UL attestation, but the environment that your client cannot regard UL product as to be used at 105 degrees it however. Of course you do not hope to see this. Accordingly, want to show the scope of application of your product adequately, lest waste your time and charge, bring needless loss to you. To electric, electric subclass product, these scope of application basically are voltage, electric current, power factor, environmental temperature is waited a moment. If you are not very familiar to these scope of application, get in touch with your engineer please. Net of RVc China advisory division
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