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The service of UL
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The sort that the product certification of UL, experiment serves basically can divide the name that it is a row, approbate and classification. Net of GMd China advisory division

1) row name (LISTED) : Will tell commonly, all sorts of parts of an apparatus that list a name to apply to complete product and qualified personnel to undertake replace or be installinged in the spot only and device, all sorts of products that belong to UL to list a service include: Electric home appliances

2) approbate (Recognized) : Approving a service is a project in UL service, the product of its appraisal can list a name in UL only, classification or other approbates a product to go up serve as yuan of parts of an apparatus, raw material to use. Approve a product not complete on the structure, there perhaps is certain limitation to achieve expectant safety performance in order to assure on utility. Below most circumstance, approve a product dog the service belongs to R kind. Belong to L kind approbate a product to have electronic line (AVLV2) , process wire rod (ZKLU2) , wiring harness (ZPFW2) , aluminum steel (DVVR2) , be in charge of with metallic flexibility (DXUZ2) . Approbate a product to ask to contain approve mark. Net of GMd China advisory division

3) classification (Classification) : Classification the service undertakes evaluating to the specific harm of the product only, or to implementing the other standard beyond UL standard (include the level that recognizes on international, wait like IEC and ISO standard) the product undertakes evaluating. Generally speaking great majority classifications the product that the product is not consumer to use, however industry or trade use product. UL mark classifications mediumly the it is certain to have limitation condition when the mark expresses clear product to be decided in classics UL ancient bronze mirror and formulary limits. Go up to industry for example used dissolvent such chemical, this one limits has the fire that produces to the likelihood when its reach ignition point temperature only evaluation. Of certain product classification service and the service that list a name is same, but the some respect that is pair of products only commonly or a certain number of respects undertake evaluating, if be in the United States, medical this kind of equipment wants X ray diagnostic appearance the whole nation abides by the United States law blasts off with concerned radiate reach bundle of regulation that sheds precision, but because UL serves as X ray only,classification product, the blame radiate function of the mechanical performance that evaluates it only so, electric function and other these respects. Net of GMd China advisory division
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