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Electric home appliances
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Electric home appliancesThe qualification of the appreciation of product development cycle that is you serves

The product should be accomplished accord with all sorts of requirements, can make the product becomes complex to the process in user hand. The knowledge that uses UL international level and experience are OK utmost ground avoids loaded down with trivial details. Let UL participate in your manufacturing development cycle, will guide you to achieve the requirement of the market by UL, and you need only dedicated at how making your product sells well in the market.

We can carry qualification research of the whole world, strategic development, groom teach and detect the qualification that reachs the service such as attestation to help you manage your evaluates demand.

Finding suitable part and material is the one part with design indispensable work. UL already built a network online tool, make of information search handier and quick.

Manual of UL online product includes UL to list a name, classification or registered all product and spare parts.

UL IQTM Plastic this is manual of a plastic product, it is to search the searcher with plastic product powerful function