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Electrical wiring and cable
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With most brief the service that means gets attestation is us Evaluated a variety of 70 electrical wiring and cable product, carry out safe level of more than kinds of 30 UL.

Say commonly, even if the cable of same sort, when manufacturer is having production in the light of different market, also can use different type. Raised design and the cost that produce cost and formed all sorts of tests and attestation so. UL simplified this kind of complex assessment program, find out specific to the product requirement first, undertake assessment to its next. In the application material that refers somewhere, UL can help you obtain the attestation letter that applies to many markets.

Material of practical electrical wiring (AWM) AWM is to be used in commonly / use at electric equipment or system. Material of every kinds of electrical wiring has thousands of planting model, because of electrical wiring make, of rating and utility different and different. The applicable standard of this kind of material is UL 758.

Material of every kinds of electrical wiring has one page technically " model page " , in order to describes his to form and provide model. The information in model page has temperature, rated pressure, conductor dimension and material, insulation layer material and ply, armored material and ply (if have) , to the description of screen or oversheath, UL evaluates the reference standard of this product, to the proposal that the spot represents, the antagonism program of UL checks, wants sign and the narration to its suitable scope. Same content also can be browsed in database of UL on-line AWM. Notice UL AWN has type in the mark on cable or electrical wiring normally.

Cable Stretch cable and cable core are used in commonly live, in commerce and installation of layout of industrial architectural workshop.

Say commonly, cable and cable core can include be in the plan listing a name of UL, at the same time cable and cable core also must observe national wiring standard, if American country is electric and normative (NFPA 70) or Canada is electric and normative (C22.1)

Additional, UL still designed classified plan to undertake having the assessment of specific aim, help manufacturer is in charge of personnel to architectural, examination orgnaization and commercial user provide the written data of own item characteristics. When UL is doing the test of electrical wiring and cable product, act on according to product to use characteristic and the principle that restrict a harm, or the principle that uses appropriately below certain and special condition.

Assessment type The wiring data that evaluates a component and cable include those who examine data to be able to be lighted degree, what heat source and power source ignite is characteristic, physics and physical characteristic and analytic sex check. Still have additionally expose for long at high temperature (gas stove ageing) , water, ultraviolet ray, the character below the environment such as chill - be like wear.
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