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File 3 orders that UL indicates
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File 3 orders that UL indicates

Obtain and submit application

Send check the product to UL, need to obtain a requisition and UL application form first, if trade supervision company and UL connection are finished,this job can pass concerned orgnaization. The factory provides following data to UL, the checks project, test sample that UL needs these data to decide to file a requirement reachs charge.
·Product name or description. Have body name to wanting the product of application to list, can make brief characterization, the material that includes product place to use.
·The designation of the product utility. The product is used at where, be still be indoors outdoor, underwater still is on water etc.
·Product model. Include a product to classify date.
·Product rating. Wait like rated voltage, electric current, frequency, power.
·Component detailed list, list the compositive component that gives a product, include to presswork circuit board, switch, electrical wiring, fuse, insulating material. Whether is making clear rating of corresponding model, name, electric equipment to reach UL list a name or approve a product. Use the detail that this respect concerns in the product test program that already arranged name or yuan of approbated parts of an apparatus to be able to reduce UL through UL and transaction to describe, reduce an examination thereby charge and shorten examination time. To insulating material, want to list place uses the name of raw material, model.
·Blueprint, sketch map. Offer as far as possible include manual of guidance of blueprint of circuit graph, product and photograph, operation to wait for a data, let UL have better knowledge to your product.
·Company data.
After UL receives afore-mentioned data, project of standard of will affirmatory application, test and test charge reach test sample, the examination after sending application form and check serves agreement. Application form admiral makes clear cost specified amount to spend reach remittance method. UL general needs to check sample hind in the fee that receives subscription agreement and demand and place, begin to do test work.

The product checks

UL is in after getting the application form that already signed, remittance and experimental test sample, will have a test to sample, include structural examination and test. Detect after finishing, UL can inform an applicant of the result. If the result is eligible, UL countersign sends two documents; The examination after check serves detailed rules and transaction. The examination after check serves detailed rules, the description that included pair of products and the guidance to UL inspector explain, this also is the basis that UL examines. Transaction duplicate gives applicant, and duplicate of detailed rules criterion gives every maker. Final UL may give you a piece of bill, its amount is that part cost that exceeds imprest remittance. And the sample of the test will be returned according to your requirement or destroy by melting or burning.
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