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UL standard (revision period of efficacy comes from April 1, 2007 on June 30)
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Basically change content summary Become effective day Type of cold storage of UL 541 is trafficced automatically machine, the 6th edition this version requirement is all traffic automatically with type of cold storage of electrical wiring connective machine deserve to have breaker of ground connection breakdown (GFCI) . This alters is to be aimed at many electrical shock that traffics machine place automatically to cause / the contingency of death getting an electric shock and those who make. The cold storage type of room external use was trafficced automatically on April 1, 2007 machine the effect that suffers new provision. UL 1012 removes 2 kinds of power supply equipment outside, the 7th edition is portable equipment or need to guard stops in case with the batteries charger that charges at the batteries of portable equipment batteries is refluent. What guard should restrain electric current during outputting circuit breakdown is refluent. Batteries charger needs to examine and should have a test possibly, whether to accord with new requirement in order to decide. On April 29, 2007 UL 1310 2 kind power supply equipment, the 5th edition is new may affect with the requirement after editing insert type equipment directly. Batteries charger needs to guard stops in case batteries is refluent. What guard should restrain electric current during outputting circuit breakdown is refluent. Batteries charger needs to examine and should have a test possibly, mix newly with whether be being accorded with certainly the requirement after editing. On May 3, 2007 electric fan of UL 507, all UL507 product needs the 9th edition test and verify its are applicable this standard undertakes assessment. Punching formula product and dry hand implement should special attention. This version included to concern all case on May 12, 2007 fan, wall the interconnection electrical wiring that go up or the product inserts on the ceiling, the product place that already suited to be used with control equipment of solid state speed certainly wants a sign, the punch join contact that place of area of kit of ceiling fan neon lamp, cooking uses or adapter, and the product that oscillation may adjust. Frequency of UL 60065, video and similar and electric equipment, safe requirement, the special batteries bag with the 7th portable edition needs to abide by following and compensatory test: Short circuit, unusual charge, discharge forcibly, and 250-N stabilizes force. Box data needs to reach V-1 level at least outside combustible kind. Perhaps use the adapter of all car batteries that emphasizes particularly inside manual limits what was packed together with end item equipment on May 18, 2007 and carry to need to accord with in the user " UL2089 of standard of car batteries adapter " the second edition. Cooking of microwave of UL 923 is implemental, the 5th edition is new / test of the seat that the requirement after editing wants electric power of test and verify to output screw of mouth of crust of control circuit, metal, level, interference rejection, asbestine and fibre glass, general container, fire prevention, and mark. Need to undertake checkup whether needing in order to decide to have new test. UL 45 is portable on May 30, 2007 electronic tool, product of attestation of UL 45 of the 8th edition must be examined through full-scale test and structure, two countries was abided by in order to decide to concern UL 745-1 of portable electron tool, 745-3 to perhaps hold UL 60745-1 of dynamoelectric electron tool a few days ago in become effective the series standard of the 3rd edition. On June 1, 2007 capacitor of UL 810, the 5th edition should ask to need to undertake checkup to voltaic structure, edit affirm layout, file, decide they did not carry (like AFC grade) any marks, "Get protection " wait for a term. Predict not to have a test. Light produced by electricity of UL 879 indicated on June 1, 2007 package, the 8th edition the limits of this standard is enlarged, now already factory of contain draw together and the comprehensive detailed account of the area of mark component. Of the requirement alter will need to examine and may have a test. UL 484 is indoor on June 6, 2007 air conditioning, the 7th edition if breakdown may cause fire hazard, electric heat implement should deploy a hand to move set again be restricted lukewarm control equipment or exchangeable operates plant alone, be like, heat up frit breaker or frit line. Hot frit breaker should be accorded with " electric equipment and component place use UL 1020 of standard of hot frit breaker " . UL 153 is portable on June 18, 2007 electronic lighting equipment, what the 12nd edition lists a product to need to undertake examine and checking afresh currently, in order to accord with new / the requirement after editing, include the depart of communication circuit conductor and circuit circuit, the biggest rating of portable lighting equipment, reserve connector, portable kit and combination, as dismountable fittings of lamp of tungsten of the chimney of the component, gasket and projectile requirement, low-pressure bittern, portable ark tube. On June 28, 2007 cable of middling pressure of UL 1072, the 4th edition deletes 8kV to be not screen type cable, the rating instead that is not 5kV screen type cable 2400 volt, will be restricted the mark of smoke cable from " - LS " instead " ST1 " . On June 30, 2007
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