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UL Type L (kind label category and charge composition)
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UL Type L (kind label category and charge composition)

1.Label category:

Standard type label---A kind of individual material that does not contain any clients (be like record date or company name) label, the relevant sign of UL is contained only on label, LISTED model of written characters (row famous product tastes applicable) , product name and serial number. This type label is had been printed beforehand and deposit in UL label center, the client is in after ordering, after paid and relevant money, attestation label can extend immediately of UL examine center, the client can be taken to the be appreciative in examining. But not be Type L of avery kind of kind the product can have standard type ticket, if need to understand which kind of products to have standard type ticket further, contact with center of UL Guangzhou label please.

Mix model label---One kind can include record date of the client, company name, or the client wants to imprint on label on other is relevant the label of product information. On label besides the woof that includes standard type ticket, still have afore-mentioned says data. Because this kind of label contains client material, must order for the client additionally so make. The client is in when ordering every time must the design of a piece of label and attestation order attach odd. The English letter on the design must total capitalization. Because label must want to order,make, what need time to be controlled in 4-6 week probably, ask client proper motion to master good time.
2. Label charge:

Label pressworks cost---Namely of label presswork charge. If the client is ordered, is standard type label, UL meeting generation closes presswork to expend and expend collection one case with the service. If the client is ordered,mix yes model label, presswork cost is by presswork attestation business is direct to client collection.

Label serves cost---Dog about UL factory namely the relevant cost that procuratorial work place produces. The client can receive what headquarters of UL United States gives out to expend bill with the service of LM or FS begin, perhaps open the with TW begin bill that give by label center.
Of label presswork cost and service cost are average with each 1000 or 10 thousand pieces of label are unit price, relevant charge each annual meeting differs somewhat, if the client considers the price with farther newest understanding,contact with label center please.

UL attestation is described (Include but not be confined to is as follows)

Product name
Product model
Product use - tell us how to be mixed please the product that uses you where. For example: The family, office outdoor, factory, colliery, shipping.
Component is expressed - information of the name that provides product certification component please and model, rating, manufactory home. If component already obtained UL attestation, make clear the UL record number of this component please. We encourage a client to use the part of mark having UL as far as possible, in order to shorten experimental time, reduce project cost. If some component has many suppliers, can offer together.
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