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Test of switch of UL 61058-1 electric equipment and attestation serve
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UL mediates at announcing an international in September 2005 (CSA, UL, IEC) standard of switch of new electric equipment: UL61058-1 / CSA C22.2 No. 61058-1-05 the 3rd edition, begin to provide concerned product test and authentication service for manufacturer at the same time.

By will rise on June 1, 2010, portable the electric equipment switch that dynamoelectric tool will accept UL 1054 no longer; And should use accord with UL 61058-1 the switch of standard of the 3rd edition. UL/CSA 61058-1 the 3rd edition will replace active special utility switch completely 2015 (UL 1054 of Special-Use Switches) standard. Concerned UL 61058-1 the effective date of the 3rd edition, ask schedule of referenced become effective:

Of manufacturer coordinate the operation

Should maintain product of electric equipment switch to be in the beautiful, abidance that increases the market be on sale, concerned manufacturer must change products plan as early as possible, the switch that already will acquire UL to approbate formerly from accord with UL 1054 to transform to accord with UL 61058-1 standard, in order to cooperate the adoption of new standard. When manufacturer refers concerned attestation to apply for, need to provide the following data:
- statement of product of electric equipment switch is expressed (Classification And Declaration Form For Appliance Switches)
- products plan graph
- plastic package norms

In addition, manufacturer should know the alien place of more concerned UL 1054 and UL 61058-1 standard. Browse common problem please:

(1. How can you just turn my UL 1054 attestation to UL 61058-1?

The safe level that place of these two standards defines is identical, what just apply Yu Da to be distinguished somewhat to this method of safe level, consequently your test cannot be changed each other as a result.

UL 1054 adopts the method of observation, emphasize particularly on confirm wear is mixed measure an outcome. UL 61058-1 is relatively academic however quality, more individual, independent test, uses instrument is more also.

Already carried the product of attestation below the WOYR2 (UL 1054) of category of special utility switch of UL, the demand that must increase WKKY2) of ― of category of electric equipment switch newly according to UL 61058-1 (is accepted evaluate in the round again, ability can withhold UL to approve the qualification of the spare parts.

2.How much is the limitation of temperature rise?

UL 1054 and the terminal that standards of a lot of existing UL finished product all set switch and similar plant, its temperature rise cannot exceed 30 ° C. In view of need to maintain existing UL to approve standard changeless, the number of turn-rounds that so electric equipment switch wants to accord with place of existing standard of UL finished product to ask at the same time and temperature rise are restricted. According to the switch that UL 61058-1 evaluates, its approbate information to will have respectively " wear of 30 ° C " and " wear of 55 ° C " two column, finish already the wear week that place of some standard of UL finished product ask is counted (least 6000 weeks) after waiting for a test with temperature rise of 30 ° C, related goods but Zhou Shu checks the wear with additional proceed, be in finally do not exceed even more total Zhou Shu also can record the wear that finishs below temperature rise of 55 ° C to approbate information page in its inside. Existing UL standard is met with wear of 30 ° C Zhou Shu serves as approve standard, and basis of harmonic mark criterion Zhou Shu of wear of 55 ° C (but the requirement valid) with finished product standard.
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