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VDA6.1 attestation requirement and action
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The to the enterprise requirement of dynamical QS9000/VDA6.1 standard that infuse improves continuously and one of action net of GvQ China advisory division
From theoretic tell, if run a system proper, run correct, the cost of quality can drop. Descendent reason comes from less failure or mistake. Because implement quality system, organic meeting will check instructor of document of each standard, program, exercise to wait, assure to each exercise improves efficiency and reduce production cost thereby. Net of GvQ China advisory division
QS9000/VDA6.1 relatively ISO 9000 increased requirement provision, the drive that its emphasize depends on be being improved continuously. Such as improves machine set, change the item that additional value does not have inside factory of mould and the machine down time that change machine time, improvement to be not plan sex, improvement, improvement the waste of artificial, material. The effectiveness index that measurement improves, can show from a certain number of numbers, such as: Reduce product cost cost a certain number of yuan, reduce a client to complain a certain number of, reduce do poorly done work over again rate, reduce discard as useless rate, can get the clue that improves actual effect. Net of GvQ China advisory divisionNet of GvQ China advisory division
Reduce the cost, GvQ China adviser that improves the requirement of standard of competition ability QS9000/VDA6.1 to the enterprise and function division net
We are discussed from solid Wu face carry out QS9000/VDA6.1 system to obtain reduce cost and the concern that raise competition ability. Net of GvQ China advisory division
The respect is commanded in production process, how to basically make the product with order book and exercise instructor, how to examine appropriately will finish a product, maintain with proper precaution the production process ability that lasts in order to ensure. QS9000/VDA6.1 runs quality of statistical production process infuse QS9000/VDA6.1 article in, a certain number of belonging to is searched in asking to create process capacity from statistic undesirable product, come extend the meaning reduces fraction defective and the improvement that reduce cost to act. Net of GvQ China advisory division
The respect is commanded in the design, those who design a process is initiative it is detailed client demand, and finish depend on method of design, production program, test and norms. Activity of QS9000/VDA6.1 requirement design is had appropriately reach experiment of use such as to devise a way. Function of dimension of computer subdesign, geometry and tolerancepublic errand technology, quality spreads out a technology to wait all is the good skill that development client asks. And technology of program of quality of product of use in advance, to improving efficiency, shorten time of the buy before development, quite much help. Net of GvQ China advisory division
To purchasing an item character, if be bought to the supplier of lowest price only, the likelihood is not the cheapest. Ask estimation to approve retreat, be repaired again or how much should the cost of do poorly done work over again cost. Repair or how much should the cost of do poorly done work over again cost. Meeting discovery is purchased to eligible supplier reach development of business of the bag outside using evaluate wait for a method, will effectively manage a supplier, can have to quality, date of delivery and service hold adequately. Net of GvQ China advisory division
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