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ISO9KQS9KVDA6.1 three-in-one design controls a process
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1.The purpose develops a process to undertake controlling to products plan, ensure the product satisfies the need of process plan, market and client. 2. This program applies to suitable scope to air conditioning product is developed or change the technology design of the product. 3. Term OTS, tool appearance 4. 4.1 designs control duty to put in buccal management 's charge by technical development department. Duty of 4.2 other branch sees program content. 5 programs content 5.1 establish project team after 5.1.1 technologies development department accepts product quality to engineer group group leader to entrust, according to the client the requirement reachs company actual condition, law, code, work out " design assignment certificate " , (include a client the initiative list of detailed list of target of requirement, law, code, design, dependability target and quality target, initiative material, special product and process character) , the design personnel that has certain competence certainly regards a design as chief and develop difficult easy level according to the product, decide project team member. 5. 1. 2 designs chief and project team member weave " new product schedule " , after examine and verify of classics technology development department, hand in product quality to engineer group group leader to approve. 5. 2 organizations and technical interface 5. 2. Basis of group leader of group of plan of 1 product quality " new product schedule " , panel member is called together inside a day, fulfil relevant section obligation, each member should make clear the group to respective duty reachs correlativity and be in " word of be the lucky number of new product schedule " affirm. 5. 2. 2 each branches must be pressed strictly " new product schedule " medium time completes each relevant work, when to appearing sudden incident or job contradict, must engineer group group leader to report to product quality. Amend a plan by the group leader, send the member that reach a group to become afresh. 5. 2. What 3 each branches appear in trial-produce process work is technical when difficulty problem, must inform a design of in time chief, by the design chief is in charge of solving. When involving plan time to change, executive program 5.2.25. The 3 design inputs to the product and output can use the following mastery of a skill or technique appropriately: , production design (DFM) / assemble a design (DFA) , geometrical dimension public errand, the experiment is designed (DOE) , failure mode and sequential analysis, CAD (CAD) the computer assists a project (CAE) , value engineering (VE) 5. 4 designs are inputted 5. 4. 1 design input includes: , the client's requirement, law, code, design assignment certificate, products plan (material, recipe, dimension, structure, function) 5. 4. 2 designs input evaluation to be in charge of by design chief, design chief basis " new product develops proposal book " , relevant technical file, sample reachs other file data, contrast " design input evaluates a watch " medium entry undertakes evaluating. When evaluation, technical development department and panel member are participated in, fill in " design input evaluates a watch " , to the item that did not carry, design chief reports product quality to engineer group group leader, coordinate solution jointly definitely. 5. 5 designs are outputted 5. 5. The eventuate that 1 technology design outputs is of all kinds technical file, include: Product figure, DFMEA (design failure mode and effect analysis) , technological process, tool mould pursues, appearance production control plans, special and characteristic detailed list 5. 5. The output that 2 products pledge the quantity engineers a group 5. 5. 2. 1 bread ministry weaves jointly with concerned branch " establishment, equipment and tool detailed list " (contain computer software to be like CAD, CAE) . 5. 5. 2. 2 technologies development department weaves " special product and process character detailed list " 5. 5. 2. The standard that product place must make clear to cite in the technical file that 3 designs output, check and accept criterion, the line out when need and product use the character of count for much, if have a client,ask specially among them, should be in the file with special symbol line out. 5. 5. 2. 4 take the lead by technical ministry, to designing the file of output, by " design information checks detailed list " undertake evaluating. 5. 5. 3 archetypal sample / OTS trial-produce 5. 5. 3. 1 basis " new product schedule " , make between equipment motor vehicle " tool mould machines schedule " . 5. 5. 3. 2 production ministry receives technical ministry " new product schedule " hind, to important and crucial product or project, manufacturing ministry basis " new product schedule " call together relevant section to undertake evaluating, fill in " design output evaluates a watch " , weave trial-produce plans, arrange development work. 5. 5. 3. Member of 3 project team answers basis " new product schedule " each phase, dog archetypal / OTS appearance trial-produce process, solve sudden problem in time. 5. 5. 3. 4 clients appearance ability holds A) to ask to make overall appearance by the client trial-produce plan, use as identical as formal production cent to contract as far as possible square, tool and process. B) considers suitable test, undertake design verification; When C) above activity is like minute of bag, technical ministry and bread ministry beard offer instructor. 5. 6 design verification 5. 6. Basis of 1 design verification " new product schedule " in formulary phase undertakes. 5. 6. 2 design verification are undertaken by design chief, pass no matter, give along with all the others record. 5. 6. The record of 3 design verification includes " " , " " and " " . 5. Leading evaluation of group leader of group of plan of 7 products quality " group feasibility acceptance " hind, show general manager to approbate turn concoctive group. 5. 8 designs affirm 5. 8. 1 design affirms the junior travel that succeeds in design verification. 5. 8. 2 sales company is in charge of what the design of new product affirms supervising and urge the job, send ginseng and products plan to affirm by technical development department when necessary. 5. 8. The new product trial assembly that 3 clients place offers is written approbate an opinion to reach " bench test reports " , " function experiment reports " the design that serves as new to this product affirms. 5. 9 designs are changed 5. 9. 1 in products plan each phase, it is what perfect and improve a product and undertake to the design to change, must fill in by design chief or project team member " design (craft) change / modification application is odd " , classics technology ministry examines and approve junior travel. 5. 9. All 2 designs are changed, the design that includes cent to contract to just put forward is changed, need the written approval that has a client before production is carried out when necessary, perhaps abandon approving. 5. 9. The design of the 3 patent rights that have to client place, technical ministry must decide with the client its are right jointly appearance, assemble, function, function and / or the influence of wear, so that evaluate all results correctly. 5. 9. 4 technologies ministry is in charge of considering a design to change the influence that uses a system to the product, if did not change the effect of the assembly of the product, function, function to other, impact of this kind of system must form written record. 5. What 10 pairs of produces products should ensure the client's product reachs the information of related goods is confidential. 6 relevant files do not have sheet of 7 relevant watches 7. 1 " new product develops schedule " 7. 2 " design assignment certificate " 7. 3 " design output evaluates a watch " 7. 4 " design output evaluates a watch " 7. 5 " tool mould machines schedule " 7. 6 " product model appraisal is expressed " 7. 7 " examine report " 7. 8 " design (craft) change / modification application is odd "

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