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The state that VDA6.1 attestation is in China
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There are following firm proposal or demand in China at present net of advisory division of China of cooperative factory executive VDA 6.1MKW
One steam of   net of advisory division of China of masses car MKW
Net of advisory division of China of MKW of car of masses of   Shanghai
The percentage that because car of one steam masses and Shanghai masses car seize countrywide sedan,  is in the mainland is large 50 % above, and these 2 manufacturers do not admit QS9000 again, specific requirement its are cooperative the attestation that the factory should obtain VDA6.1 before December 31, 2000, the comparison that so this attestation carries out in the mainland at present is easy, main reason is the requirement that comes from a client.

How to combine QS9000, VDA 6.1, TS16949 the requirement MKW China of 3 systems is advisory division net
  is current many manufacturers are carried out QS9000 and VDA 6.1 by the client's requirement, whether are many manufacturers wanting to you can link 2 demand so? It is possible actually, TS 16949 is the requirement that ISO TC/176 is aimed at automobile industry place to put forward, its were united in wedlock 9000 and the requirement of VDA 6.1. Net of MKW China advisory division
But at present TS16949 did not get masses car plant approbate, and plant of 3 old cars also has only general and current issue issuance statement, so from at present the angle of the manufacturer sets out, we think still is the requirement that the combinative system that makes QS9000 and VDA6.1 can satisfy a client quite, although future should change the requirement into TS 16949,also be quite easy. Net of MKW China advisory division
At present major attestation company also offers   these service, wait like German TUV, DNV, SGS, can carry out 2 requirements at the same time attestation, and person day number increases Debingbuduo. It is the charge of test and verify with same flower almost so and the systematic letter that receives 2.

Net of MKW China advisory division

Carry out the adviser of note MKW China that go up division net
  1, at present the reference book book of VDA 6.1 comparatives lack, carrying out so must use English manual, still be heart article edition partly even, still have certain obstacle. Net of MKW China advisory division
  2, VDA is being carried out when going up, VDA 6.1 is the requirement on the system only, but still have) of requirement of process of VDA 6.3 (, product of VDA 6.5 (asks) from the back QS9000 place does not have 2, when the manufacturer of executive VDA must notice to care about in-house examine and verify, these 2 demands must be made at the same time. Net of MKW China advisory division
  3, Cmk requirement, in the requirement of VDA 6.1, must notice this requirement, because the computation of Cmk wants to notice sampling pattern, centre of gravity is the mutation in the machine. Net of MKW China advisory division
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