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VDA6.1 attestation common sense
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VDA6.1 is federation of German auto industry (VDA) the first part of the standard of quality of German auto industry that establish, namely the examine and verify of quality management system of tangible product, abbreviation VDA6.1. This standard is a foundation with ISO 9001, increased to come from the special requirement that auto industry fulfils appropriately. Net of 4X3 China advisory division
Because the model is newer cycle and time of new product development are shorter and shorter, international competition is added increasingly drama, cost pressure increases ceaselessly, brand-new constituent form (instant production) taller to the product expectation and more strict product liability all ask each domains of auto industry, automobile factory and its supplier have efficient quality system. Considering the state of affairs of this kind of development that quality assures, wove the query that evaluates quality guarantee system is expressed, namely VDA6.1. Net of 4X3 China advisory division
Net of 4X3 China advisory division
The supplier of German auto industry must pass tripartite attestation, obtain VDA6.1 letter. Net of 4X3 China advisory division
Net of 4X3 China advisory division
* VDA6.1 quality manages systematic examine and verify to published the first edition 1991; Net of 4X3 China advisory division
* 1992 year edited in December for the second edition, made to a few serious content more exact elaborate; Net of 4X3 China advisory division
* 1996 year edited in January for the 3rd edition, as a result of,basically be ISO 9000 a group of things with common features the standard published new version (94/8 edition) , and raised EAQF94 standard (France) the concerned requirement in setting with QS-9000/95 (3 big companies) . Net of 4X3 China advisory division
* 1998 year edited in November for the 4th edition, as basic on content as the 3rd edition about the same. On January 1, 1999, VDA6.1 synchronism of the 3rd edition carries out the 4th edition and VDA6.1. VDA6.1 is carried out in the round since April 1, 1999 the 4th edition. Net of 4X3 China advisory division
The attestation of VDA6.1 and ISO 9000, QS-9000 seeks advice from the job to be able to undertake at the same time, also can divide pace implementation, the enterprise can upgrade directly by ISO 9000 even application VDA6.1 attestation. But in executive process, the enterprise should notice to choose to be had at the same time ISO 9000, QS-9000 and VDA6.1 attestation qualification or the attestation orgnaization of advisory ability and advisory orgnaization, ensure attestation seeks advice from working oneness and continuity, also can achieve the goal that reduces cost at the same time.

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